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About Us

At Camp Nejeda youth with type 1 diabetes are given the opportunity to live, if only for one or two weeks, in a world where having diabetes is the norm and where there is no need to explain blood sugar testing, finger pricks, insulin injections, ketones, 'lows' (insulin reactions), boluses or 'carb' counting because everyone here already understands.

At Camp Nejeda children with diabetes are free to be just children. This normalizing of their condition combines with both formal and informal educational moments to promote good diabetes management and healthy, active living.

Camp Nejeda offers one and two week summer camp session for children with type 1 diabetes and Family Camp weekend sessions for the entire family. 

Please visit our website to learn more and consider making a donation. No amount is too small and every donation makes a difference. 

Physical address:  910 Saddleback Rd., Stillwater, NJ 07875
Mailing address: P.O. Box 156, Stillwater, NJ 078775

Contact: (973) 383-2611